Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I never said I was Anything Special: The Tale of an Easy, yet Fun Card

As the title of this post might indicate the project I am about to outline is not that amazing, it is just fun. It is an easy way to send someone a card that shows you really took the time out of your day to think about them. The card is simple enough, use some stamps and yarn to create a personalized image with a nice bow tie to top it off! I will go ahead and show the end result to start with so that you know what you might be getting into if you want to make this, although as has been stated you can create any image you want to.

End Result:

The supplies I used for this were:

1. Cardstock - since I don't have a paper cutter at home I am lazy and buy this, but it is easy enough to make. I find the colors and varieties at Kate's Paperie great though and I love to mix and match, using one color for the card and another for the envelope.

2. STAMPS!! and acid free Ink - Despite what some might think, just because I love letterpress doesn't mean I don't love stamps. Stamps are so much fun because you can use them at home as a quick, easy, and enjoyable way to add flair to almost anything and create something new and original. I have so far gotten all of my limited supply of stamps from the Ink Pad and I can't see myself purposefully going anywhere else in NYC. The store itself is so small but it is packed full of great products. This card was for my mom who loves dragonflies and so I went out and got what I thought to be a lovely dragonfly stamp, just for this card, and added to it a couple other stamps I already had.

3. Yarn and Needle - I simply used a bit of yarn I already had laying around that I thought would match the card I was making...you can of course use string or anything like that. I also just used a tapestry needle to thread it through. I did get a bit too fancy with it by using a template I had gotten from an artist's book class in order to punch the holes, but I think it is pretty clear that this project is too simple to really worry about that.

Using this fancy template I was able to do a figure eight threading to give it a little oomph.

Once the yarn was tied in the middle I simply trimmed it down and made a bow.

So, I think it is pretty clear that all I really did here was go stamp crazy and then thread through the top of the card with pretty yarn and blamo! I got a card that truly matched the personality of who I was sending it to and I was able to do a little extra to show that I cared...not that I don't have to go buy cards sometimes....of course! :)

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