Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can a Person Ever Really Change? : The Story of a Chalk Board Girl in a Dry Erase World

 I have always been more of a chalk board type of girl, but after seeing this awesome idea that was brought to my attention by HowAboutOrange I might have to start converting to markers instead of chalk! Since deciding my craft area needed a re-vamp I have been looking for a possible chalk board situation so that I can draw out size ideas I have for knitting projects and see if they actually look good. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg though, and as I am sure most people know (although if you don't be warned) the cheap chalk boards are made of a material that seems to expel chalk as opposed to allowing you to write with it. That is why this dry erase board idea is so great! I can buy a cheap frame, to the size of my liking, and simply add fabric for a cute but functional piece of craft equipment. While I think I might always prefer the feel of chalk in my hand, I can see myself much preferring this beautiful piece on my wall as opposed to a slab of black. So, while I am still deciding whether I should buy a huge frame and go for it, I thought I would pass the awesome idea on. If I do make this I will be sure to detail the process here.

* cap supplied by Jessica Hische at DailyDropCap


  1. kell - did you know you can buy chalkboard paint? it comes in black and green and other colors, too, and it works great! you could even put a frame around the area you paint and i think it would be cheaper than a dry erase board. you're right about those cheap chalk boards, however. they're not worth the material they're made of. we just painted a whole wall in linda's studio on which we wrote the chapters for the documentary she's making right now and kiki and susan wallace both have/ had walls (and backs of doors) that they've used the paint on. just thought i'd pass it on to my chalk gal. xo

  2. Hey Ma. Thanks for the heads up, but I did in fact know about the paint. The issue with the paint is that if your walls aren't flat flat then there will be interference with your writing. For people like me who want everything super crisp and clean this interference can be a problem...and our walls aren't flat enough for me. The other issue is that for my ultimate comfort I need to be able to lay the board on the floor at times, so I can trace out blanket sizes and such. The paint is a great idea, but not ideal for my current situation. Thanks!