Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ahh the Wonderful World of Technology...

 W ell, unfortunately for me, and perhaps for the few that enjoy this blog, my computer has broken. According to the tech genius who took a look at it, the problem is a graphics one that can't be fixed easily -the company apparently recalled my laptop because of it. Thus the only possible way to get it fixed is for the company to admit it falls under the warranty of recalled laptops or something like that. Anyway, the point of me telling you this is that I will be unable to post anything for a while, and I actually do have a couple of things to post...so keep checking back, but not too frequently. Thanks!

 *cap supplied by Jessica Hische at DailyDropCap    


  1. well, it wouldn't even let me post a comment for the longest time. i'll pitch in for a new 'puter if the scumbags dont come thru. xo om

  2. thanks lady...but i am sure we will figure it out...:)