Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Book Review...Well Sort Of

M y initial idea for this post was to write an in-depth review of This Book is Overdue : How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All by Marilyn Johnson. Some people have commented that they had high hopes for this book, I have to admit that I wasn't one of them. All I really wanted from this work was a simple layman's look at librarians and how their jobs are important. Ultimately I thought this would just be a nice skimming of the surface of hugely complex issues, with a nod of the head towards the librarians of the world. Never once did I think This Book is Overdue would be a detailed report on the field of librarianship.

So, I started reading hoping for merely a pleasant read that explained some issues that librarians must face. I kept notes as I went, but the further I got the less and less I wanted to pick up the book to continue reading. I felt myself dreading having to read the next self centered chapter. When Marilyn Johnson plugged her own last written book I nearly gave up completely. It wasn't until I finished the sixth chapter, entitled How to Save the World, though that I realized that this book (wherever it was leading) was a complete waste of my time.

Though there are many issues that led me to this final conclusion, I don't feel that is it fair to voice them all without having read the final result. With that in mind I will simply leave you with the thought that resounded throughout my short experience with this book...Stop telling me what you did to research the book and give me the book!

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