Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So many yarns, so many stops!

 N ot only is my computer still out of commission, but I have also been super busy lately, thus leading to a slight lag on the blog posting front. I really do have a few posts lined up, but since the only hour when I could make an in-depth post (my lunch break) is taken up for the next few days, I thought I would share a little info about some yarns I am itching to get my hands on.

This weekend in NYC is the 2nd Annual Yarn Crawl! My friend and I are super stoked and have been staging our plan of attack for weeks. On top of this I have also been saving my pennies so I can really go a little crazy (without feeling guilty). In preparation for this little splurge I have been trying to figure out what yarns I want the most. I am pretty new to knitting, but my pattern for buying yarn in the past (pun intended) has been to only buy for projects I know I need the yarn for. There have probably only been two exceptions to that rule, and so I decided that this weekend,  I will only be buying yarn that I have wanted or find dazzling...with no pattern in mind! There will be one exception to that, for a present I intend to make, but other than that I am just going nuts! So, in expectation of that joyous day, I thought I would share some of the yarns I have decided to hunt for.

First on my list is Rowan Big Wool. Almost every time I go to my local yarn shop I catch myself staring at this beautiful yarn. I really love the greys and light purples that they have to offer, so I will be on the look out for Smoky, Mulberry, or Glum. Since I love chunky, fall-all-over-your-neck, cowls I look forward to what I can make with this.

Next on the list is Spud and Chloe Outer! Since my first knitting class I have wanted to get this stuff. I absolutely love the colors and it certainly doesn't hurt that it is superwash! Even though I am not usually a pastels type of gal, I can't get over the subtle and yet eye-popping shades that are offered here. The carbon for sure catches my eye, but the Hedge and Bayou are fun and different for me. On top of this the yarn is so soft and works well with a bigger needle size...so the project I do choose to do will probably be done pretty quickly.

The final yarn, but certainly not the last on my mind, is Habu Steel Wool. This yarn is just plain cool! With steel at the core and wool wrapped around this stuff can be used to make a nice lace item or just to add a little flare to a more standard knit. I plan on using it to add a little sparkle and staying power to a cowl or scarf (I am really starting to perfect the art of cowls :).

I'll be sure to put a post up soon about what I actually did haul away with me, but I hope that it at least includes these three great yarns! With so many awesome stores to visit though, I am sure no matter what I get will be super duper stupendous!

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  1. those are very cool. i especially like the second site. do you want me to get you any more yarn while i'm close to taos? cj showed me the place where he got his wool.

    also, do you remember that the market at prospect park usually has a yarn vendor or two? maybe it's too cold for them to set up now.


  2. Hey lady! I won't turn down yarn, but I don't really need it. I just got a ton and I don't want you spending money on all that. There are so many good yarn shops I haven't even bothered going all the way to Prospect Park for it. :)