Thursday, October 28, 2010

Box it Up - In Style!

C heap, crafty, useful things are always so much fun to create because 1. you don't break the bank and 2. you end up with something that serves a purpose. Taking this sentiment I made some bins out of shoe boxes and fabric to store my craft supplies in. I will admit that for one of the boxes I ended up getting an expensive fabric, but by getting so little it wasn't too much of a splurge. The other two boxes I made with some great and wallet friendly fabric that was left over from another project (that I had purchased at FabricWorm).

This project is so simple to do and really helps to transform your space into something a little more personal. All that I needed for this was a shoe box, fabric, scissors, and a glue gun (with glue sticks). As I have already indicated on past posts I am not so great with measurements, so I primarily winged it. If you want the inside and bottom of the box to look perfect you will probably want to measure, but since I had no concerns about those two spots I just went to town. The first thing I did was to cut the fabric down some, so that I didn't have a long yard hanging down. After this I just went about putting glue on one side of the box at a time, and pressing the fabric down. I wrapped the fabric along in this way until the sides of the box were completely covered.

Once that was done I simply glued the edges down to the inside and bottom of the box. The same easy steps were done to the lid of the box (only I just laid one big square down and smooshed the sides down). The results of my day's endeavor were two matching boxes for my various craft supplies and one unique and funky box for my living room odds and ends.

Again, I must point out that if someone so inclined to wing it can pull of these little beauts then it should be no problem for anyone else...and for the price I would say it is totally worth a try! I know I am really satisfied with how nice these came out and how little they look like shoe boxes to the unsuspecting eye.

*cap supplied by Jessica Hische at DailyDropCap    

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