Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Bits for the Holiday Season

 This weekend was the {New New} York Holiday Fair and boy was it spectacular! I have already scratched quite a few people off my Christmas buying list as a result of this gathering of awesome Etsy artists. One of the great things about these artists/crafters is that you don't have to go to one of these fairs to get their amazing stuff, you can also order a lot of it on Etsy. With that in mind I wanted to point you holiday buyers their way so you can share in the joy and share that joy with the ones you love!

The first seller I will mention was by far my favorite of the day (sorry to play that card, but it is too true)! My Zoetrope had some really mind blowingly cute artwork, was super sweet, and was ever so patient with me and my friend (especially me) as we stood in front of her booth trying to decide which of these colorful works we should buy (after all we only had so much money and so many people to buy for). I would seriously recommend perusing her shop and filling that shopping cart with some of her funky-fun art!

Another favorite seller of mine was KnitKnit. I had  seen her stuff at the shop on Governor's Island that the {New New} York had put up over the summer and fell in love. Her felted necklaces were too cute, colorful, and perfectly balanced to be true! Unfortunately at that time I didn't have the cash to splurge on myself...but at the fair this weekend I whipped out my wallet faster than I could say "I'll take it!" and bought a great necklace from her School series. Though this isn't what I got (mine was green with two notebook lines) it is pretty close and just as coolio! What I also really loved about KnitKnit's stuff is that the chains themselves are spectacular and add to the personality of the piece.

Next up was Caja Jewelry. While this jewelry is a little on the expensive side, for an urban - I spend all my money on crafts- lady, it is so beautiful with it's simple designs and perfectly cut shapes. Though I didn't leave with one of my all time favorite necklaces, I did leave wishing I could have. I'd say if you are looking for a quality piece that isn't over-the-top while still being catching I would be sure to stop over to this shop.

Two other sellers I need to mention are Sans Map, who has some amazing bags, and Wish By Felicity, with her vintage glass jewelery. I was able to pick up a couple pairs of earrings from Wish By Felicity for Christmas gifts and found myself jealous of the people I was giving them to. As for Sans Map, I wasn't able to dig that deep into my pockets this weekend, but someday I just think I might be back to buy the Shoulder Zip Bag.

Really, all the vendors were so nice and amazing and I would recommend to anyone to check out the {New New} blog for more great artists and tips on upcoming events!

Happy Holiday buying or crafting or just hugging the ones you love-ing!!

*cap supplied by Jessica Hische at DailyDropCap 


  1. Hehe, thank you! I'm glad you had a good time at the Cavalcade; it's one of my favorite craft fairs! So random about you finding my blog a few weeks ago too! Hello small world. :)

  2. good grief!!!! who knew? did you get the owls from zoetrope? thanks for the cool links.

  3. So many vendors, so much love! There were so many things I wanted to take home with me, but just couldn't! At least I got a Knit Knit; I had been thinking about those since our Govnah's Island. Too funny. PS. I love that the "T" drop cap is toothpaste. It's perfect.